Wednesday, January 23, 2008

As the Economy Collapses

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Speaking in broad terms
how can an angelic hipster
one bound by the bohemian tradition
prophetically illuminate
their mind bank network
while staying true to their
gut-level pocketbook issues?

Is Deep Recession a prelude
to massive global economic meltdown
and is that the green screen dream
of every undercover poetry agent?

According to Ginsberg what we discover
as we compose the ongoing experience
of novelty-generation is "[t]he final revelation
of the irrational nonsense of Being"

Does this "revelation" relate to
inequitable markets awakening
as if from a prolonged stupor?

This is the kind of apocalypse now
that warriors of the spontaneous spirit
may want to wash themselves in
while idly bathing in the luxurious waters
of jacaranda jacuzzis suffused with
the late-night effects of kona gold
and early morning fancy green coffee beans


Will we ever witness the day where we see
a total cleansing of the whores of Tomorrowland
hosing excess soot off their dirty money
and turning to other minted forms of print technology
for their high-resolution hijinx and terminal
degradation of the soul slipping into oblivion?

A conditioned indetermination?

Recession is like poetry
we only know we are in it
after the fact of its discovery
which happens of its own accord
like magic but still part of a cycle

(or so goes the Austrian theory of business
which tells us that a savings-induced boom is sustainable
while a credit-induced boom is not)

Boom boom out go the lights!


Out of the pocket universe
a dark energy soars
freaking out multiple observers
caught in cosmicomic tragedy
as the fertility bubble bursts
and momentary fluctuations
become volatile moneyed rape scenes
where everybody gets screwed
by masked men and their administrative accomplices

Reincarnation of eternal inflation
expanding beyond the wounded galaxies
we come back into this world as ourselves
but time-tripping from the future that never was
or could only be as a result of durée elasticity

Watching the shoveling masses digging their graves
deeper than their own pockets can manage
we cannot help but biophysically wonder
"What does it feel like to be indebted
to a systemic problem the size of the world?"


In the dark where no devoted consumer
would ever want to hide while appearing
to have already secretly sidestepped Death
and its perfectly executed utility program

one cannot imagine the face they were given
before they were born and bought and sold
and perfectly executed in base utilitarianism

For this they need some artificial light
oftentimes produced by the flickering screens
of their computer monitors stealing their eyes
and even then the face they see is merz cosmetic

A dead populace hoodwinked into complacency
is given new battery life with a stimulus of cash
meant to tap into fantasy forms of hunger

What shall we consume today?

A stainless steel cookie cutter
bought on eBay (plus shipping): $10.25

A tank of gas to continually go to and fro
the processed-food market: $60.00

A night's supply of party favors: $90.00

Global warming? Global warmongering?


And yet we could see it coming all along

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Premonition Algorithm

Is there another way out?

Can we reach a Brown Rice Accord?

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