Tuesday, January 29, 2008

As the Economy Collapses II

What then is the premonition algorithm?

Although no formal definition of algorithm exists
the readymade explanation has determined that an algorithm
is a definite list of well-defined instructions
that once executed will terminate in the completion of a task

In this sense we venture away from the readymade
and bring into the realm of possibilities the idea
that effective parsing of the premonition algorithm
must be articulated in the grammar of Creativity

Creativity in this instance as the principle of novelty
would always be tapping into unconscious syntax
and takes on the role of embodied processing agent

In this sense every artist can say "I am Creativity"
and somehow get away with it (why not?
Whitman got away with the "body electric")

The reason the premonition algorithm must
be articulated in the grammar of Creativity
is because the source material that informs its data set
is co-dependent on the aesthetic potential
released by Creativity's own processual grammar

It ends up that writing into vision
a premonition of the "future beyond"
is already conditioned by the creative process
as it moves-remixes within the unconscious
(conceived here as an indeterminate neural mechanism)

Of course this does not mean that creatures
are actively hoping to mimic computers
or vice-versa (that's too simplistic)

affective agents of embodied moving-remixing
become postproduction mediums by envisioning
novel forms of creativity that are generated
by conducting intense aesthetic experiences
within the conditioned context of an organism's trajectory
through given impermanence and the contrast
of manipulated/manipulating flux identities

Envisioning a channel of ongoing becomings
that transmute images into visionary experiences
is what writing the premonition algorithm is all about

Can visionary experience itself be programmed
and routed through a series of protocols
that enable its output to attain some kind of
inherent value that goes beyond the market
(financial, art, academic, commodities, etc.)?

The answers are not even remotely available
and speculation leads to more complexity and confusion

The premonition algorithm is written in
an unconscious programming script
that comes about due to the artist's ability
to tap into their creative agency while actively remixing
the metadata of their "always live" performance
that is their proclivity toward becoming
a postproduction medium

Think of the many great scientific and social discoveries
that have happened in the middle of dreams

Stories abound of creative thinkers sleepwalking
into their studio / lab spaces and jotting down
their latest discoveries while experimenting

Or self-identified Buddhist inspired mystic hipsters
experiencing prophetic illuminations while tripping

This is an indication of where the avant-garde artist
as serial entrepreneur and activist novelty-generator
can begin to locate methods of operation
to take their practice to Higher Levels of Experience too

For example
off the top of my head I wonder how
an evolutionary biologist becoming-poet
or poet becoming-evolutionary biologist
might respond to the current global financial crisis
and remixing available source material would write:
Feeling the frequencies
of a punctuated equilibrium
spurting high volume change
makes the romantic volatile
in its search for stimulus

Elliptical sensations of ping mechanism
leaving a trail of traces that exfoliate
mannered memory and shake rattled
role-playing functions in modular tempo

appear to be gradual and stabilizing
but are really camouflaging all bills due
in mossy phenotype of cladistic muckwork

Any random nucleotide that tries to tell you different
may arise not only from unresolved bio-trends
hovering in morphological stasis

but may also be refining the next approach
to intensified versions of variable speedism

In other words

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

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