Wednesday, December 05, 2007

As the Art World Turns

The art world kicks into high gear at Art Miami Basel this week and as is often the case with these kinds of big art fairs, a lot of attendees think that the more interesting events are the ones that happen outside the mainstream venue but still in conjunction with it.

For example, this year's SCOPE MIAMI program should be exciting and includes my CODEWORK DVD with surround sound as well as some of my VJ-influenced digital prints that were captured off of the DVD (the DVD was created in the middle of my international VJ Persona tour that took place between 2001 - 2005 with stops in places like Tokyo, Basel, the Canary Islands, London, Bremen, Denver, New York, San Francisco, etc.). If you'll be in Miami and would like details on where to find the work, send me an email.

One indication of the head-spinning circularity of today's international networked-art culture is the circuitous routing my own return to Miami, this time as a sequence of heavily manipulated digital images: "Mark Amerika (born in Miami) postproduced the CODEWORD DVD and digital prints in Boulder, Colorado, but only after having captured the source material via digital video shoots in Maui, Tokyo, the Australian Outback, and Hong Kong, which he then remixed as live audio/visual (VJ) performances in places like Basel, Las Palmas (Canary Islands), London, Bremen, Denver, New York, and San Francisco, only to then edit some of the recordings of these live mixes into a DVD surround sound artwork that was eventually purchased (as a limited edition) by the Denver Art Museum where it was on exhibit during the summer of 2004. Last week the second edition of the CODEWORK DVD and images of the digital prints were Fedexed from his studio in Honolulu to Seoul where his Korean dealer received it and will take it with her to Miami for the pleasure of international art collectors."

Speaking of Miami, I wrote about a recent (physical) trip I took there during Spring 2007. The "I Can Relate (Miami Version)" entry is here.

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