Monday, October 08, 2007

Birth of Net Art

This is about to go live in Paris and other regions:

The Birth of Net Art
Video, 2 minutes

From the catalogue:
Today we live in a new world: a universe of technical images. These images are easily accessible to the techno-masses who are now giving birth to the practice and ideology of remixology. Remixology is the science of pure play where the "remixers" tell their own stories and build their own mythologies out of the glut of source material available through the networks.

One of the results of this rapidly growing shift toward remixology is that history, as we know it, has been left behind. In place of history, what now emerges is a nascent form of life that is part human and part machine. Together, the human and the machine, envision a world that has never existed before.

This world of remixology is giving birth to endless versions of reality. In this case, we see the dissolution of difference between what is true and what is false. Images are not matter. They are all that matters.

In this new work of digital art, the American artist Mark Amerika teams up with the French net artist Florent di Bartolo and creates a precise formula for the emerging practice of remixology. Like mathematical formulas that seek out truth in numbers, here the artists create their own truth by building a short narrative that explains the current cultural situation in less than two minutes.

But this work, whose duration is so short, can itself give birth to endless remixes and mash-ups and this is why the universe of technical images will never die.
(Props to Vilem Flusser who is generously remixed above.)

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