Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I like that word: cimatics. I also like the director of the festival that goes by that name. His name is Bram, just like the protagonist in my just published novel 29 Inches.

Bram Crevits is a busy man and you can follow his work and developments at the Cimatics website.

I'll be working with him and some other young A/V artists from their headquarters in Brussels next Spring as part of the Cimatics Masterclass:
Cimatics, Brussels International Platform for Live A/V, presents a Masterclass in Live Audiovisual Art, within the framework of the studio-program Experimental Media-Art provided by the VAF (the Flemish Audiovisual Fund).

12 internationally renowned and specifically chosen artists and theoreticians from within the field of Live A/V engage to conduct these workshops.

Cimatics is looking for 10 participants for these workshops and addresses young artists from within the fields of visual arts, music, media arts or performance arts.

The Masterclass exists of several workshops in which the different aspects of the phenomenon Live A/V will be highlighted. Technical initiation, content contextualisation and specific hands-on experiments will be the key elements of these workshops.
I will be showing the students how to put remixology into practice while sustaining a parallel artist poetics that feeds into their live A/V universe.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out Bram's Roots of VJing playlist on Youtube. A great resource for all...

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