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The archive for the "Disrupting Narrative" symposium that took place at the Tate Modern on July 13, 2007, is now online.

What became of it?

(Notice how, in the image, my shirt quite literally becomes branded with the TATE logo. Does this in any way increase the value of my digital art persona and does this event turn Tate into a kind of PR "enabler"? Institutional clout leveraged as another form of political capital, one that is hyperconsciously aware of its role in making history? [What's an archive for?] In my keynote, I ended by saying: "This morning, I have been tracing one version of my pseudoautobiographical narrative for everyone here in the auditorium as well as everyone who is watching this live over the Web ((not to mention the vast majority of viewers who will see this much later, as part of an archive, as part of -- what? Would you call it art history? Whose art history?)). Sometimes I feel we are all just working for Google.")

The symposium, generally considered a successful event, would not have been possible without the vision of artist Kate Southworth and the curators at Tate (Kelli and Marko). The best part for me was hearing the presentations from my colleagues Alex Galloway, Andrea Zapp, Paul Sermon, Kate Rich, and Kelli Dipple (they are all archived at the link above).

If anyone is interested, here is another major conference I have been invited to deliver the keynote for next year. I'll post details later, but in case you want to participate in the event, here's the most recent call:
Visionary Landscapes: Electronic Literature Organization 2008 Conference

Thursday, May 29-Sunday, June 1, 2008
Vancouver, Washington

Sponsored by Washington State University Vancouver & the Electronic Literature Organization

Dene Grigar & John Barber, Co-Chairs

Producing a work of electronic literature entails not only practice in the literary arts but sometimes also the visual, sonic, and the performative arts; knowledge of computing devices and software programs; and experience in collaboration, interdisciplinarity, and hybridity. In short, electronic literature requires its artists to see beyond traditional approaches and sensibilities into what best can be described as visionary landscapes where, as Mark Amerika puts it, artists “celebrate an interdisciplinary practice from a literary and writerly perspective that allows for other kinds of practice-based art-research and knowledge sharing.”

To forward the thinking about new approaches and sensibilities in the media arts, The Electronic Literature Organization and Washington State University Vancouver’s Digital Technology and Culture program are inviting submissions to the Electronic Literature Organization 2008 Conference to be held from May 29 to June 1, 2008 in Vancouver, Washington.

“Visionary Landscapes: Electronic Literature Organization 2008 Conference” is interested in papers that explore forms of digital media that utilize images, sound, movement, and user interaction as well as––or in lieu of––words and that explore how we read, curate, and critique such works. Topics may include:

• New, non-screen, environments for presenting multimedia writing and/or electronic literature
• Research labs and new media projects
• Strategies for reading electronic literary works
• Curating digital art
• Innovative approaches to critiquing electronic literature
• Emerging technologies for the production of multimedia writing and/or electronic literature
• Building audience for new media literary works and writing
• Digital, literary performances
• Publishing for print or electronic media connecting literature and the arts through common archiving and metatag strategies
• Artistic methods of composition used in intermedia storytelling (improvisation, collaboration, sample and remix, postproduction art, codework, hactivism, etc.)

In conjunction with the three-day conference, there will be a juried Media Arts Show. Along with prizes for the most notable work, selected artists will be awarded bursaries to attend the conference featured at the show. Submission guidelines will be posted beginning August 15, 2007 on the conference website.

Deadline for Submissions for Presentations: November 30, 2007

Notification of Acceptance: December 30, 2007
More info here.

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