Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Weekend in London

Following on the heels of an excellent day-long "Friday the 13th" event at Tate Modern featuring a series of diverse, provocative presentations and panel discussions on "Disrupting Narratives," the Saturday night special reception for my Mobile Phone Video Art Classics (MPVAC) exhibition at E:vent was orchestrated by the DJ team Telethesia (Spain/UK).

The event at E:vent resonated with part of my keynote at Tate in that:
For me, remixologically inhabiting language by hyperimprovisationally jamming with the source material so that I can manipulate the experience of the text to tell my own pseudo-autobiographical story, is what it means to proactively engage in a hactivist, postproduction process that informs whatever interdisciplinary or hybridized practice I may be forming at any given time.

But whose pseudo-autobiographical story is it, really?
The Powerpoint to the keynote, what I called PostProduction PowerPoint (PP+PP), was never used, but then suddenly appeared on a laptop installed on a plinth inside the gallery as part of MPVAC.

For example:

Whose PowerPoint is it, anyway?:

Even the Professor VJ blog made its way into the exhibition via both the PP+PP and the printed text pinned on the gallery wall.

We also sold out of the META/DATA books which was great, considering how many MIT brought to the Tate and displayed on the table (a few dozen to be sure).

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