Friday, May 11, 2007

Books (E-, DVD, and Otherwise)

The last two weeks this blog has been all about the hype. Sometimes that happens, especially when there are a lot of new releases, exhibitions, and events to be hyped.

In addition to my role as publisher of experimentally composed and designed ebooks like the new Illogic of Sense: The Gregory L. Ulmer Remix release via Alt-X Press, I am totally enthusiastic about my role as publisher of the electronic book review (ebr) too. ebr, edited by Joe Tabbi, who is now the president of ELO, has some new material out including an interview with Mark Danielewski, author of the books House of Leaves and Only Revolutions.

Also, for those wondering about what comes after last week's release of my new book META/DATA, there's a lot in the pipeline including my next novel 29 Inches now in press, another book that I'm just getting started on and that was seeded right here in the Professor VJ blog, a solo exhibition of my new mobile phone art work in London this summer, another mobile phone movie project in conjunction with my visiting artist residency starting in two weeks at iRes and co-commissioned by the Tate Modern where I'll be keynoting the "disrupting narrative" symposium in July, and then there's this new anthology from Litteraria Pragensia Books, a progressive theory joint out of Prague. Entitled Technicity, here's the blurb:
eds. Louis Armand & Arthur Bradley

This collection of writings explores the theory and praxis of technicity in contemporary thought. From the ground-breaking explorations of such figures as Freud, Heidegger, Deleuze/Guattari and Derrida to the work of more recent theorists like Bernard Stiegler, Friedrich Kittler and Katherine Hayles, it is becoming possible to speak of a new "technological turn" in contemporary continental theory. Yet despite the plethora of work in the field there has not been any sustained attempt to think through the larger philosophical, cultural and political implications of the new technologies.

In this collection, a group of internationally-known figures within the fields of philosophy, linguistics and cultural studies come together to consider the meaning of "technicity" at the beginning of the 21st century.

Contributors: Bernard Stiegler, Louis Armand, Arthur Bradley, Christopher Johnson, Hartmut Winkler, J. Hillis Miller, Belinda Barnet, Geert Lovink and Kenneth C. Werbin, Darren Tofts, McKenzie Wark, Niall Lucy, Laurent Milesi, Michael Greaney, Mark Amerika.
My contribution is called "Technicity, StyleTime, and the Loop: A Gertrude Stein Remix" and it's only a few pages long while all of the others are meatier essays and/or experiments in theoretical performance/design.

While we're talking books, the "Playall" DVD by The Books is awesome and it was great to see them jam with it as a live post-production performance at the Boulder Theater two weeks ago. For $15, it's a steal ...

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