Sunday, April 01, 2007

International Relations

Some of my stuff just pops up on the web and then it's there, ready for download, even though I have never heard from the one who is publishing it, and in this new instance the work appears in translation.

A short artist poetics of mine from 1997 is now out in Japanese in Zi:ong, where edges and ridges serrate the post-everything music scene. How did it get there? I have no idea. But I like the context.

If you prefer something more recent, and in English, check out this dialogue in Volume 9 of PIMP, the voice of the underground sound, fashion, and art scene in my favorite international capitol. I know how this one got there. Briony (the interviewer) contacted me directly.

Then there's I link, therefore I am (aka as HTC 1.0, Polish-style). The Portuguese translation of HTC 1.0 is due out in the next few months.

(By the way, the "I link, therefore I am" history challenge is still in play.)

Digital bop poetics: an expanded concept of writing is happening in Spanish with a few other cool artists and curators in Issue 8 of A Minima. The print version is much better with over ten color images of my work.

More Spanish here, including my "Instalaciones net, nuevas formas de exposición creativa y re-publicación virtual." These were the days when expanding ones audience in as many languages as possible was essential...

The most recent translation of the Avant-Pop Manifesto in Italian is on a blog site called "Cheapness" (and no, they never offered to pay me anything for my efforts -- thus the name?). I know what it's like. If I had a blog site when I wrote the A-P manifesto, I would have called it Poverty.

Coming up soon: Warhol's "Screen Tests" meets Bourriaud's "Postproduction" meets Miami's "mixed reality" meets next generation synners reconfigured as remixologists or what the heady curatorial crowd calls "semionauts" or even "socionauts"...

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