Friday, March 02, 2007

Ulmer's Glue (Practice and Stick-to-itiveness)

Tracking theory, a media stylo ...

Web 2.0, gone awry (yet somehow still linear in its thinking) ...

But the fact is, writing in and with new media, is where the most exciting critical media literacy (electracy) projects are developing. Some great experiments in digital critifiction and poetics can be found in older issues of ebr and Beehive.

A collection of innovative writing growing out of the critical theory of Gregory Ulmer will soon be released by Alt-X Press as part of our continuing ebook series. The new anthology of writings, entitled Illogic of Sense: The Gregory Ulmer Remix, will feature an array of avant-post essays that play with the idea of mystory and/or applied grammatology, not so much by reproducing Ulmer's "logic of invention" but by using his theoretical patches as filters to generate other forms of hyperrhetorical drift. The work is edited by Darren Tofts and Lisa Gye and is being designed by artist Joel Swanson.

Read the intro to the Greg Ulmer interview here, and you'll see my homage to both Ulmer (also known as Glue) and the stickiness of intuitive writing (visualized as a series of digital "post-it" notes aka "stickies").

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