Friday, February 23, 2007

Pimping Pimp

Why expose yourself to getting punked when you can get PIMPed?

Reading through the current issue of PIMP reminds me why the London underground scene is still where it's all happening. The new issue has features on the science of music, stylesluts, avant-pop literature, indie film, and body modification visual art. In the mix are Ali Love, We Are Scientists, PMFKA, Kris Moyes, Frank Warren, Jody Barton, Superthriller, and many others.

And yes, blow up page 64 and check out the dialogue with the Publisher of Alt-X who, discussing the fate of avant-pop literature in digital environments, goes so far as to say:
I am not going to try and write the 21st century homage to War and Peace and try to cram that down your iPod or mobile phone. But I might write a fragmented story that samples from porn spam and remix it so that it becomes a commentary on contemporary war politics and our love of techno-gadgetry.
He is undoubtedly referring to his upcoming novel 29 Inches (click on news).

Postscript: Alt-X gets more hype on the MIT Press blog where, as luck would have it, Professor VJ is spotlighted as the "first featured author on Wednesday Blog Watch" ...

Oh, and while I'm tooting, this site keeps generating web traffic to my home page, as does this one (BMW?), both from Italy. Maybe it's my Italian blood?

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