Wednesday, February 28, 2007

All Things Being Equal

According to one of my recent formulas in the science of imaginary solutions:

Pataphysics + Psychogeography = Counterintuitive Flow?

(The question mark at the end is intentional, and meant to declare the formula part of an open poetic work. According to Umberto Eco, "these poetic systems recognize 'openness' as the fundamental possibility of the contemporary artist or consumer. The aesthetic theoretician, in his turn, will see a confirmation of his own intuitions in these practical manifestations: they constitute the ultimate realization of a receptive mode which can function at many different levels of intensity.")

This science of imaginary solutions that I am developing in tandem with a hacktivist, nomadic net art practice, has its roots in alchemy. What is Professor VJ, a self-identified remixologist, but an affective alchemist spurring on new compounds of potential meaning?

The OULIPO writer Raymond Queneau has described pataphysics as resting "on the truth of contradictions and exceptions."

Guy Debord, on the other hand, isolates psychogeography as "the study of the precise laws and specific effects of the geographical environment, consciously organized or not, on the emotions and behavior of individuals."

What does it mean for the contemporary artist-medium, embodying the spirit of a pataphysician hyperimprovisationally remixing the avant-garde lineage their life work springs forth from, to experience a simultaneous and continuous fusion of counterintuitive flows while drifting through the city?

Perhaps it's time to poetically corrupt the idea of taking a random walk?

through textual space
scattering letters
i d
r e a l

<... constellating eureka prisms // poetic tauts //

intuitive impulses //

"demon leakages" ...>
Could this kind of intuitively generated perambulation epitomize what it means to become a discrete form of fractal art in poetic space?

Possibly, but then where is its political consciousness to be found while becoming?

What would its agenda be?

Jacques Roubbaud says "language can be mathematized." Joseph Kosuth says that what art has in common with mathematics is that it is a tautology.

Trying to convert this kind of poetic composition into philosophical codework, though, is no walk in the park.

Raoul Vaneigem, in The Revolution of Everyday Life, suggests that "Pataphsyics [...] leads us with many a twist and turn to the last graveyards."

But in that case, isn't pataphysics just another way of practicing avant-alchemy, one turned on its head and sniffing for more imaginary truffles?

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