Saturday, January 27, 2007

Preternaturally Exotic Extremes

In Colorado this year, winter has come into the lair like a lion on dexedrine. I'm still trying to figure out how I escaped these five major snowstorms. Good timing? Instinct? Intuitive body transfer into other (cyber)psychogeographical regions?

When the snow piles up like never before, and you've been hiding out at Hawaii's best swimming beach, the nature of "being digital" changes.

The nomadic net artist, role-playing this faux identity who goes by the name Melting Plastic Fantastic Time, teleports his "energy package" through seasonal drifts and turns himself into an upside-down inside-out medium, one whose jet-lag consciousness makes even the simplest things much more complicated. All of a sudden, that gorgeous Rocky Mountain sunset that you flew back into, and that you may have assumed was as real as it gets, has now been manipulated by the trickery of "apparatus consciousness" and the smooth application of poetic filters customized for the occasion.

For more on this head-in-the-clouds hallucinatory trickery, check out the latest update at Mark Amerika Nature Photography where "We Take Pictures, So You Don't Have To."

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