Monday, January 15, 2007

Philosophy of a Beach Bum

A beautiful woman is attracted to a beautiful beach because she can relate to its beauty. While on the beach, she herself feels the resonant frequencies of her presence as if there was never anything else in life but this moment she is totally experiencing, now, both bodily and somewhere deep inside her creative unconscious.

Running to the shoreline, she performs a series of four cartwheels, the last one catapulting her right into the water where, turning the gymnastic stunt into a full body dive, she immerses herself in the warm South Pacific water as the sublime waves cleanse her of whatever urban stress she may still be wearing.

Now is the time to disrobe. To skin herself back down to basics.

This feeling is beyond nudity.

When your head is so light that your entire spine feels like an orgasmaphone that has magic fingers running up and down it and your entire nervous system is being played by a 3 a.m. sax player trumpeting Miles' "Bitches Brew," you know you've entered Nirvana, you know you've slipped into trade wind bliss.

After having fully submerged herself into the depths of that perfect utility that massages her Eros engine, she finally comes up for air and can't believe what she sees:

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