Thursday, January 04, 2007

Magical Sketch Pad (Updated)

Sand Improvisation
on Lanikai

I always have to sketch new ideas that help me finish (finally unfinish) current works-in-progress and start new ones. Sure, in many ways, my entire Life Style Practice is one pseudo-autobiographical work-in-progress and "digital sketching" is an ongoing process of tapping into whatever creative potential I may have "in" me. Computer-based or, for that matter, print-based, drawing will not always do the trick for me. So, two or three times a year, I need to take my work to the beach using my sand improvisations as a way to stimulate new creative developments.

The best part of the sand improvisations at Lanikai is that the ocean tide successfully (softly? subtley?) erases my work for me like no other beach in the world, most of the time before I am even done sketching a particular thought. The ocean sounds that come with this magical erasure layer the various "sign/sine waves" I am receiving (processing) while composing. It's a great way to play with your intuitive desire to hack, elaborate, erase, revise, leave imprint, remix, wash it all away. Sometimes I think this is the way all art should be made.

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