Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Local Hype (Part II)

The gig last night at BMOCA went very well. Boulder Digital Arts brings out a great crowd and I enjoyed seeing many people I have not seen for awhile including old friends (not old is in old, old as in "as times goes by"), former students, current students, Boulder artists, and many others.

And now for some more Boulder hype. Is it really this good? The City of Boulder would like you to think so. They have an entire area of their website devoted to recent accolades:

"10 Great Biking Cities" - Washington Post, October 2006

"Heart-Healthiest City" - (Boulder ranked #4), Men's Journal, August 2006

"Top 12 Best Veg-Friendly Places to Live" - VegNews, August 2006

"Best City for Green Meetings" - (Boulder ranked #9), Meetings and Conventions, August 2006

"Dream Towns" - (Boulder ranked Best All Around), Outside Magazine, Aug. 2006

"Top 20 Greenest Spots in the Country" - Vegetarian Times, July/Aug. 2006

"Top Places to Retire" - Where to Retire Magazine, July/Aug. 2006

"Best Cities For Singles" - (Denver-Boulder ranked #1), Forbes Magazine, July 2006

"Top 10 Brainiest Small Cities" - (Boulder ranked #3),, June 2006

"Best Places to Retire in Style" - (Boulder ranked #1), Fortune Magazine, June 2006

"Top 25 Arts Destinations" (Boulder ranked 10 for small cities) - AmericanStyle Magazine, June 2006

"Best Cities for Relocating Families" (Boulder ranked #4 for mid-sized metro areas) - Worldwide ERC and Primary Relocation, May 2006

"Top 10 Greenest Cities" -, April 2006

"50 Best places to live" (Boulder ranked #3) - Men's Journal, April 2006

"Most Vegetarian-Friendly Cities in the U.S." (Boulder ranked #7)-, April 2006

"Best City for Cycling" - Bicycling Magazine, March 2006

"Best City for Teleworking" (Boulder best in small metro area list) - Sperling's BestPlaces research firm, March 2006

"America's Top 100 Places to Live in 2006" (Boulder ranked #3) -, March 2006

"America's Best Vegetarian-Friendly Small Cities" (Boulder ranked #7)-, March 2006

"Top Biking City" - Bicycling Magazine, March 2006

"Place you dream of living" - Backpacker Magazine, February 2006

"Top 10 Places to Retire" - Bottom Line Retirement, January 2006
Not listed: #1 for inventing a new art form utilizing the Internet as a compositional, publication, exhibition, distribution, and marketing medium. Isn't Boulder where net art was born (without even knowing it)?

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