Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I just finished doing an interview with PIMP magazine which is run out of East London, near E:vent, the gallery-warehouse where many of my London-based activities have occurred over the last 18 months . During the interview I briefly talk about the other book I have coming out next year in addition to META/DATA. This other book, a wild, fictional farce that is by far the strangest book I have ever written (and that's saying something!) is entitled "29 Inches: A Long Narrative Poem" and will be published by (in my humble opinion) the hippest alternative press in the USA, Chiasmus Press. The boygirl team who run this press totally have their finger on the pulse of contemporary American letters: for proof of that, check their list.

In the long interview with PIMP, I say:
29 Inches, on the other hand, is a great experiment in improvisation. The source material is made up of the daily spam email I was getting in the summer of 2004 [...] and using that source material to invent an on-the-fly narrative about a boy-girl art team who cruise the Rocky Mountain West performing amateur sex acts via webcams they bring with them as they nomadically wander the purple mountain's majesty of the good old USA. The spam is infectious, a viral meme that makes them speak a language called – well, SPAM – which they share with others who then become infected with it and end up speaking it too. Some people would call this SPAM language English, but in 29 Inches, it's remixed into something else entirely different, something that is part sexually stimulating ("Go Viagra!") and part porn ("Christian Girls Spread Their Legs Just For You!"). What you end up with are lots of babbling monkeys who can't stop talking and having sex with each other.
I'll try an upload a very short sample from the work later this week, as a teaser.

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