Tuesday, November 21, 2006

29 Inches (Update)

As I mentioned last week, in reference to my upcoming interview with PIMP magazine, in addition to my semi-mainstream "cacademic" (to use Raymond Federman's term) book META/DATA, I am about to publish another book, 29 Inches, which is more in the non-tradition Tradition of my first two novels (The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual Blood) putting to good use my love of improvisation, purposeless play, and a refurbished cut-up methodology. Reading through it again, I see the poetic measure of 29 Inches as a kind literary-art mashup, a free-flow seminal drift that is partly indebted to writers like William Carlos Williams and Ed Dorn, and partly indebted to whoever anonymously provided me with my morning cluster of spam email during the time I wrote this crazy book (according Williams: "to measure is all we know...").

While writing 29, Dorn's Gunslinger and Williams' Paterson both spoke volumes to me, and the nonstop delivery of email spam became a source of machinic discourse that challenged me each day to integrate the nonsensical into the, well, semi-sensical. Spam gave me my character names, like the protagonist Bramble Cork (aka Bram, Corkie, Bramble, etc.). The various flux personas [characters] populating the novel end up sounding like a cross between poetic net.artniks and schizo-hallucinating "babel-rousers." As I said in the PIMP interview, in this case, the "spam is infectious, a viral meme that makes them [the characters of 29 Inches] speak a language called – well, SPAM – which they share with others who then become infected with it and end up speaking it too" (I'll let you decide if it has any resonance with our contemporary digital culture and the "come-on" mentality of our commodified existences in 21st century life).

Here is an excerpt from 29 Inches as a PDF file. There's actually very little riffing on VJ practice in the novel (whereas in META/DATA there is an entire section of VJ Persona fictions), but this PDF excerpt just happens to be VJ-centric which is cool since this is a blog that first grows out my VJ practice.

29 Inches will be part a new series of books being published by the ever-sexy and radically politicized Chiasmus Press.

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