Thursday, October 26, 2006


Remix this, remix that.

New media artist as "mashup filter" (you control the experiential opacity, crunchy altertones, asynchronous assemblages, etc.).

Henri Bergson (from the core of his belief system):
[...] there is no perception without affection. Affection is, then, that part or aspect of the inside of our body which we mix with the image of external bodies; it is what we must first of all subtract from perception to get the image in its purity. (emphasis mine)
Remixological: the capacity to affectively assemble data into an image (even if the image itself no longer exists, that is, becomes a dense distribution of data that slides by / through / with your subjective body as it selectively filter-enframes it -- tagging it with your personal signature-style effects so as to give it more meaning).

The VJ speaks another language altogether. For example,

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