Sunday, October 22, 2006

Healing Dick

This multi-media package from writer-shaman Michael Brownstein includes a drum chant, a Youtube video, a novel, and a bodily move toward total psychic cleansing:
This is my story and every last word of it is true. But it's your story too, sweet earthlings.

Because like it or not, ready or not, after five thousand years of hiking along history's straight line we're about to re-enter the world of myth. The shaman's realm of shapeshifting and trance. A waking dream where before and after, up and down, inside and out no longer limit us. Where travel from one end of the universe to the other takes only an instant.

Time and space can be wide-open for us, they can be our allies. But the realm we're entering also teems with entities looking to redefine what human means. It's filled with demons.

In fact, a great battle is being joined between the forces of dark and light. Whether or not we're aware of it, whether or not we're awake, someone out there wants to control what we see and hear and think. And who could that someone be? Who's taking our measure?

Listen to his voice, sweet earthlings. He's the man with the frozen heart. You've heard him before, declaiming from the bully pulpit in places of power. Singing his siren song of fear and separation. But listen to him when he's at home. With his guard down. With his boots off and his feet up. Who's he speaking for now? Who does he represent? Who is his real constituency?
And then, in "I See Something...":
We need your help as an extra set of eyes and ears.
Unattended bags? Suspicious behavior?
Take notice of people in bulky or inappropriate clothing.
Report anyone tampering with video cameras or entering unauthorized areas.
If you see something, say something.

I see something.
I see a criminally insane person
roaming the halls of the White House.
He believes he's the president of the United States.
And I see a rotund bastard with a heart problem hovering in the background, pulling the strings.
His crooked smile lights the way to perdition[...]

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