Thursday, September 07, 2006

Text + Textiles Residency (Riga, Latvia)

Folks at ebr have been working behind the scenes on this:

ebr announces

Electronic Text + Textiles Residencies

in gorgeous Bauhaus apartment / studio
in burgeoning Riga, Latvia.

The Residency welcomes
artists, designers, writers, and theoreticians
working within or across of the fields of
literature and the arts,
in particular ---

--- work that touches textiles.

(as you know, ebr wears textile thinking close to its heart;
our new online publishing structure is spun from
thread + loop, warp + bark, sutra + suture)

Residencies can be as short as a week
or as long as several months.

Residents will be free to pursue their own
or collaborative projects,
although it is expected that work will appear
in some form in ebr or on Alt-X.

For more information, check out the application.


Electronic Text + Textiles Project Board

Dr. Zane Berzina, Prof. Joseph Tabbi

Dr. Zane Berzina is a textile designer, artist, and researcher. She holds degrees from The University of the Arts Berlin; Master of Art in European Fashion and Textile Design from Southampton University, UK; PhD from the University of the Arts London and has widely participated in exhibitions around Europe. Solo exhibitions in Riga, Helsinki, Berlin and London. Zane Berzina lectures at the Goldsmiths College in London, Department of Visual Art and at The University of Arts Berlin, College of Design and Architecture, Institute for Experimental Fashion and Textile Design, Germany.

Prof. Joseph Tabbi is the author of Cognitive Fictions (Minnesota
2002), and Postmodern Sublime (Cornell 1995,) books that examine the
effects of new technologies on contemporary American fiction. He edits
the Electronic Book Review and has edited and introduced William
Gaddis's last fiction and collected non-fiction (Viking/Penguin). He
is professor of English at the University of Illinois, Chicago, and
Director of the Electronic Literature Organization.

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