Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Other Lives (The Babelfish Remix)

My last blog entry, from English to French and back to English, using Babelfish:

(Now UPDATED with bolds and strikes).

To each being, several other lives were due. - Rimbaud

Today I am a novelist, a blogger, a flanor, and a post-Situationist fluxy "mark on the drift."

Yesterday I was a playing
artist of the vocals of wire for a mix-band impromptue called Electronique Writing (we since then broke to the top of).

The day before I was a historian of sentimental art ardently wishing the good old women days of art Net when nobody knew what they did and not never, not in million years, to consider to move in New York "to find a gallery."

The day before I was a numerical photographer and a mobilophone "scenario writer" the new jets of tightening of the data for a forthcoming film project that I always imagine (council: if all is well, it will finish to the top of the becoming part two of my series "of foreign film" of work device-length which is modelled after what we had the practice to call the film but which smells now more as one narrative environment of new media which integrates aspects of increased cinema, art Net, of blogging mobile, and of electronic literature within its conceptual framework).

The day before I was a glutton, eating
two breakfasts (a quinoa-corn bowl is scaled with grapes, raspberries, cutters, mango, banana, plums, bilberries, blackberries, figs, grapes dry, dates, and milk of soya [ all the organic/bio, naturally ] and a bagel enormous of oil poppy seed with salmon cheese and molten smoked), two lunches (new ginger of age and pastes of vegetable followed of the couscous African vegetarian of north with many side dishes [ spiced ]), a snack of midday (salad nicoise), one organics of nut, fresh cheese a round of goat, two mangos, one of lawyers and half, wafer of the sesame-almond tofu, two French red wine bottles, a rare beer of Belgium made by the organic monks (yes, the monks of Trappist themselves are also organic!), five cups of espresso, two bars of chocolate dark bitter additional vénézuélien of 76%, really two breads of bread organic of nut (with the hummus and the pesto draw aside liberally placed on their slightly roasted crusty textures), cup of true chocolate hot (not the "premixing sprinkled to the bottom the usual variety with milk", but of dark chocolate basically melted with a little milk mixed inside so that it pours), a double cup of crême frozen made house (dresses lower cup made with pinions, cup higher made with figs which turns the frozen crême a luminous luminous red of kind you felt as if you suck the velvet blood out of the cone-victim passivates), a half of a melon, a smoothie of Zen (fishing, mango, banana, milk of soya), three ratatouille portions been useful with a side dish of rocket (arugula) with fresh cherry tomatos and cheese slightly cut in sections and very old of Parmegian, a treated black olive bowl soaking in an olive oil swimming pool scented with a council with rosemary and thyme, five baklavas of pistachio, and much of other things which I cannot remember, particularly after the unexpected blow of required me drink as manner of obtaining the surplus wishing ardently about the good old women days of the art Net (which is itself to wish ardently factitious, since the good old women days were never as good as some would make you believe, and moreover, twelve years really this old man is?). Tomorrow I will be a raising producer of the funds for still another project which will be a multi-media documentation of various Person numerical of which the identities liquidate allow them to create internetworked art-making the machine out of the falls of behind left of data on the other world Web, that which has its secret protocols, handshakes, codes, and missing bonds. During one day the public password for this underground WWW will be finally indicated so that each one, even the consuming masses, can test the final pleasure a drift to become the kind "of currency of phase" this of the dreams of turns in actions being allowed of this fact of destroying the replicant agenda of the all-dominant media of corporation.

(And soon, once again, I will be a professor, like always, narrativizing these Person and experiments liquidate by the intermediary of a line changing never imaginary skewerable filters which I particularly prepare for the occasion [of teaching ].)

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