Friday, September 29, 2006

Feeling the Frequencies (The Tactics of Sensuous Computing)

Roberta says this at Rhizome:
Perhaps our inclination to invent characters, personas, and agents is merely a means to find ourselves; a way of affirming what we do not know about the universe so as to bridge and locate ourselves in what is still mysterious.

We as a species continue to invent ways of conversing and symbiotically merging with virtual presences who, more and more, infiltrate our reality. Artists insist on tactical strategies that target activism as a means of converting defiled reality.
Not that we make so-called reality pretty and pure again, but more like when we go back to the face of a mountain that has suffered immensely from strip mining, and actively reclaim it and make it a viable scenic resource for our senses.

It's not a return to Nature per se. It's more like turning on to the cycles-in-sync with one another. Sensuous computing with a political agenda aimed at revitalizing what is mysterious in human culture and that still has resonance, as if we could still feel the frequencies charging our bodies to the utmost possible degree.

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