Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Glossing the Blogroll (Pt. 1)

A little "glossing" is in order:

Oz Blog is my first real attempt a blogging. Starting in January 2002, I performed the work while a visiting International Fellow and Artist in Residence at RMIT in Melbourne, Australia. This is an excerpt published by The Iowa Review. The entire work is actually hidden online somewhere...

Screenfull is wild. Melinda Rackham reviewed the project for Rhizome and said:
Appearing before me is an art work that breaks the daily tedium of grazing over cloned and sanitised blog interface design - those sorts of creepily nice blogs that make me shudder on the inside with their readable, balanced, cutesy, clean, neat, artless, self conscious, logical, and organised versions of blandness.
The Screenfull project also won one of its developers (who also happens to be a Grad student in my lab) the top Graduate School Creative Work and Research Award at the University of Colorado of Boulder and Screenfull The BOOK, created in my "Electronic Writing and Publishing" course, is also now featured at the student-built HIAFF website.

DVblog is the most interesting experimental video art blog on the web (new at the site: jimpunk's DVblogH4ck [punk also works on Screenfull above]), while rantapod inmixes thoughts on networks, assembled cinema, performance, politics, and ranting.

Adrian's Vlog is less raw than the exuberant transmissions at DVblog, but his vogma manifesto (written in 12/2000) attests to the fact that he was doing it before anyone else and, from a theoretical perspective, understands its cultural implications better than anyone. He is undoubtedly the best person to teach this stuff too, which he does, in the new honors program he's developing at RMIT.

Speaking of theory, Pt. 2 of the blogroll glossing will continue looking at the theory and lit sites I've linked to so far, as well as a few others.

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