Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Missing Finger

Sleazeball Republican Congressmen and the totally corrupt defense contractors that line their pockets, playing poker and paying whores for late night action. And guess where it all takes place? The Watergate Hotel, natch, while all of the participants are being shuttled to the parties in the same limos being contracted for transportation uses by the Department of Homeland Security. All in the name of family values, Right-To-Life, and an assault on the future viability of the American democracy. You can't make this shit up.
"Nine Fingers":
“The turf-battle line is purely a cover story,” said a former CIA official I spoke with. “The reason they had to act now was because they were scared about what's going to come out about [Hookergate].”

Who is "they"? Only time will tell, but two of the characters are getting a lot of buzz: one is named Dusty Foggo and the other goes by code name "Nine Fingers." Is it time to bite The Philandering Hand That Feeds (Itself)?

Repeat: You can't make this shit up (which ends up making the job of satirist particularly difficult - that is, how do we turn the uber-farce against itself? Not easy!).
Tortuous Logic:
Worried about the dictatorship you are living under launching the self-correcting software that will allow it to temporarily come to its senses so that it can at least survive the next few years and pretend to still believe in what we used to call democracy? Don't worry, be hype-y. And while you're hyping it, check out who has been rushed in to replace the resigning CIA Director whose hands smell of passed on "Nine Fingers"... - yep, it's a military man whose code name is Herr Commander Hayden aka known as "Headphones Hayden." Military Intel leading the charge on domestic spying where everything you blog can and will be used against you in a kangaroo court of lawlessness being play-acted on Guantanamo Bay...
This is American ingenuity at its finest. Only we could come up with such bittersweet self-contradiction in the name of Freedom. The Far Righties have developed a strategy I call Propaganda Shovelware. They keep shoveling the propaganda and assume that most of it will stick and become part of the national discourse. America keeps consuming it like it was made to order. (You are what you eat.)

As Hinterlandt sings:
We've got to get a new belief system up and running / a solid moral infrastructure, to keep the customers coming

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