Wednesday, March 15, 2006

VJ Art Cred

It's interesting how much more writing is being published around the Cult of the VJ. If "VJ mythology" were a stock (VJM), it would be on a growth tear.

For example, there is the Feral House VJ Book which includes excerpts comparing VJs to underground film/art pioneers (like Bruce Conner) and Abstract Expressionists (like Jackson Pollack). One interesting line at the website reads:
Like any self-conscious avant-garde, it has functioned as both a breeding ground for creative innovators and a comfortable cocoon for the talentless seeking an excuse for their unpopularity.
We accept the above as a given, but the differences between what we used to call an avant-garde artist and a neophyte performer getting their VJ rocks off is starting to blur. That's because the software itself can be a work of art that turns the interactive-user into a kind of artistic collaborator or co-conspirator. Take, for example, Vidvox, originally started by Johnny Dekam as part of his MFA thesis project at RPI. As of today, Vidvox happens to feature Chris Allen of The Light Surgeons on the home page. Chris was playing on the bill with Cuechamp and I at our DJRABBI exhibition opening at e:vent in London last year. Chris was a VJ virtuoso and the whole night made for one great party!

Meanwhile, another published VJ book can be found here and here is yet another one that may come out eventually.

And here's the new DJRABBI show reel for those who missed it (yes, the collective is called DJRABBI and we have hijacked the DJ moniker for VJ purposes).

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