Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Indecipherable Matter(s)

Opening thoughts today:

Blogging as glas - (or This Is Where I Occasionally Link and Comment on the WWW as Semi-Living Archive)

Textual frottage - (or Where the Idea-Generators of the Artificial Intelligentsia Hypertextually Rub Up Against Each Other)

Cermeonial rubbings - (or How To Spontaneously Deliver A Physical Stroke of Non-Specified 'Genius')

Auto-E-rotic - (or How The Machine Came To Love Itself In Collective-Self Referencing)

- - - - -

Making art history UP ( "as we go along"), is something the avant-pop net artists of the 90s stole from the old avant-garde artists of the first half of the 20th century. That's what gave us our avant-cred. But as Greg Ulmer (aka "glue" or Professor Mystory ) says in this intersubjective desktop improv jam from Fall 2000 on "deixis":
glue says, "another lesson of the avant-garde was/is that one cannot just invent a form"

glue says, "one must also invent an institution"
With that in mind, what's next? And who's gonna invent it?

UPDATE: BTW, this desktop improv mentioned above "took place" the same afternoon the world was breathlessly awaiting the Supreme Court decision on Gore Vs. Bush, thus all of the references to "The Supremes"... and, always "going meta," the constant referencing to the process of deixis within the chat space itself...

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