Friday, March 17, 2006

Flickr VJ Set

I have a new set up at Flickr called "Social Set: Clique Here For More" that plays with stills from one of my VJ sets, matches them up with some of my recent VJ theory, and then filters it all through a narrative persona known only as Professor VJ.

An excerpt from the piece reads:
Is it possible to create a flickr-ing series of fictional memories as an alternate form (or alternative forms) of currency? Instead of trading or exchanging money, what does an artist’s dream-memory trade in? Could it be images themselves? Under what software regime would they exchange images? With who? For what in return?
UPDATE: At the suggestion of No Photo, I've deleted the image titles.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I have already received a couple of emails asking me how I made the "Social Set" piece. It was a live hyperimprovisation where I would catch the tape recording of the VJ set I did in Tokyo in midstream, capture the image that came up, then "underwrite" some improv VJ theory/fiction. Two hours and 28 images later I felt it was done, but then a couple of days later, I went back, corrected some typos, and switched out the last image that's there now.

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