Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Cultivated Glitches

A cultivated glitch takes place when information is intentionally aestheticized as an artefact of communication. In the simplest of terms, and like all stylized hacks whatever the medium you are working in, it comes across as an infraction, an interventionist boundary crossing, what in football terms might be called an illegal procedure.

But illegal according to whose rules?

The open playing field of composition has no preset area of space demarcated as "out of bounds" and if it does, it's usually some kind of arbitrary parameter put in place by the artist to help direct your creative power. Locating ways to direct your creative power is not the end of the world, although sometimes you would be wise to intentionally conserve as much as energy as possible so that when it's time to break the line, you bust through with a force you never quite knew you were capable of delivering.

Bob Dylan, in his new book, says that the best artists who live the fullest lives are, in fact, energy hoarders. Which reminds me of something Marguerite Duras once said about how she is at her strongest when she is doing nothing.

Could the cultivated glitch, the intentional breakdown of communication stylized as an aesthetics of information, suggest an aesthetics of failure?

To make of failure a howling success, is what Beckett was after.

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