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About the name of this blog, i.e. Professor VJ.

It's meant to defamiliarize both terms (Professor & VJ) in that I am using VJ practice and performance as a gateway to investigating new artist theories and fictions, and am using my writing practice and theoretical research agenda to innovate creative ways to infiltrate club and festival culture, museum culture, and even pop culture (through video iPod, mobile phone cinema, etc). You might say that being a Professorial Remixologist blurs it all into one fluid Life Style Practice.

Wikipedia gives a basic overview of the term VJ here. As they say, the word VJ is used
to represent video performance artists who create live visuals on all kinds of music.
In my forthcoming book with MIT Press, META/DATA, here is how I begin one of the spontaneous artist theories I wrote entitled "Portrait of A VJ":

What a VJ is not:

  • A VJ (video/visual jockey) is not an MTV personality.

  • A VJ is not a net artist.

  • A VJ is not a visual DJ.

  • A VJ is not susceptible to computer crashes (i.e. believes in the power of positive thinking).

What a VJ could be:

  • A VJ could be a hyperimprovisational narrative artist who uses banks of quicktime movie clips to construct on-the-fly stories composed of images processed in asynchronous realtime and through various theoretical and performative filters

  • A VJ could be a creative writer who manipulates matter and memory by composing live acts of image √©criture repositioning the movie loop as the primary semantic unit of energy

  • A VJ could be a Tech*know*mad whose fluid Life Style Practice captures consciousness in asynchronous realtime and is forever being remixed into One Ongoing Text Exactly

  • A VJ could be a (h)activist provocateur who knowingly intervenes in the mainstream art, club and cinema culture and opens up new possibilities for hybridized art and entertainment events

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