Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Portrait of The VJ

The new issue of Fibreculture is out. The issue is devoted to the theme "Distributed Aesthetics" and an excerpt from my long essay "Portrait of the VJ" is included in this excellent peer-reviewed publication. FC highlights some of the sharpest minds in Australia and beyond and this, their seventh issue, is a real mind-bender. There are other essays by Geert Lovink and Anna Munster, Simon Biggs, Keith Armstrong, and others.

In my contribution, I try to use the hyperimprovisational techniques I employ in my VJ sets to spontaneously create an artist's theory of hactivism and provocation, while "keeping it real" (or "unreal" as the case may be). Some of the lucky victims of my sampling include Allen Ginsberg, Allan Kaprow, Ron Sukenick, Vilem Flusser, Paul Miller (aka DJ Spooky), Steve Shaviro, William Burroughs, and many others.

Here are some book links to follow if you want to check the scene:

Geert Lovink

Vilem Flusser

Allen Ginsberg

Steven Shaviro

DJ Spooky

Ron Sukenick

William Burroughs

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