Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ecstatic Rhetoric

Using the gradual fabrication of thought composed while intersubjectively jamming with the collectively generated metadata that is always being shape-shifted by the artificial intelligentsia operating in its autopoietic environment, suggests that all of the hyperimprovisational performers, vis-a-vis the accumulation of points on a moving vector, have the potential to create their collaborative work as an "accumulation of decisive moments" (Lautreamont) even though they themselves are not necessarily conscious of the fact that this is what they are doing.

Slipping through the blurry boundaries of fiction, memoir, theory, performance, pseudo-autobiographical poetics, and the rhetorical gestures one needs to enact in order to reach new stylistic height, the Unconscious Player becomes "a simultaneous and continuous fusion" (Mondrian) of projected energy in the open field of composition.

This open field of composition, experienced as a networked space of flows, suggests that the trick is to keep on moving, even if just for the sake of movement itself, so that ones speed of life is concurrent with the advancement of an emergent garde du jour, the one I am becoming every day I role-play my digital flux persona!

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